Why you should use us

  • It is a free service when going through us to a bank because the bank pays our commission. For specialist lending, there will be a fee included that will be fully transparent.
  • We are representing your very best interests in order to get you the best rates and most favourable terms and conditions.
  • If for any reason your application was initially unsuccessful, we can go to the other banks without you having to complete any extra forms (so making it a hassle-free experience for you).
  • For the high-end residential and commercial funding especially, it can be advantageous to get more than one funding offer on the table and then you can choose the best offer that suits your needs.
  • Even if you already have funding available, we can get you another bank offer that may be better, right up to the date of final settlement.
  • We are another key support person for you and will work closely with your other advisers such as your accountant, solicitor, real estate agent, business broker, valuer and others.
  • We will never give up until every loan option has been tried.
  • After your loan has settled we will continue to guide you through your rate rollovers and we will continue to support you in the future.